5 Best Personal injury lawyer SEO Tips You Need to know

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5 Best Personal injury lawyer SEO Tips You Need to know

What is Personal Injury Lawyer SEO?

Your digital and online marketing efforts aren’t in vain. People who find themselves in work-related injuries, complex disability claims or car accidents need to find your website. With the prevalence of mobile devices and laptops, the majority of people will use a search engine (like Google) to find a personal injury lawyer who can help them. 

4.3 billion people around the world use Google - that’s roughly 3 times the population of China - and the platform processes nearly 100,000 search queries every second. 

This is where personal injury lawyer SEO comes into play. Search engine optimization (or SEO) is the process of improving your website’s chances to be seen by search traffic online. With the proper techniques in place, your website can appear on the search engine result pages (or SERPs) for your potential customers. 

Businesses across all industries need some level of search engine optimization to succeed online. This is why we’ve prepared a shortlist of our top 5 personal injury lawyer SEO tips you need to succeed. 

Keyword Optimization

Keyword optimization is the foundation for personal injury lawyer SEO. 

A keyword is any word, phrase, or question a user would put into a search bar. For personal injury lawyers, this could range from “personal injury lawyer near me” or “how much does a personal injury lawyer make?”. 

Lawyers and attorneys have notoriously expensive cost-per-click Google ads online. The term auto injury lawyer can cost you over $66 per click on search engines. 

There are tools you can use to get information about the keywords you pick (at Choquer Creative, we use SEMrush). The information you get is critical for strategy. You must consider not just a keyword’s search volume, but also competition and relevance levels. 

Keyword Search Volume

This is the amount users who search a particular search query every month. The more popular the keyword is, the higher the volume. However, high-volume keywords tend to be fairly competitive and may lack relevance. For example, it’d be extremely difficult (or impossible) to rank for “lawyer”

Search Competition

Search competition will give you insight into how difficult it is the rank for a particular keyword. 

Pro Tip: For personal injury lawyer SEO, try to go for less competitive long-tail keywords. If your website is smaller, this gives you a better chance to rank on Google. 

Search Relevance

Google organizes relevant information for searchers every day. Keywords on your webpage help Google identify what you’re offering, but you have to ensure that your content lines up too. 

For example, if you’re making a webpage about work injuries, you may talk about types of workplace injuries, out-of-pocket appointment costs, governing regulatory bodies and more. 

We know SEO strategies are tricky and take time to implement. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help

Local SEO

Local SEO is huge for your marketing strategy. As a personal injury lawyer, you primarily need to market your services locally and not internationally. 

Your search engine optimization strategy should target a specific city, country, state or geographic area. A keyword like “personal injury lawyer Surrey (or Vancouver)” would make a lot more sense if your office is in Surrey or Vancouver BC. 

Think of the searcher’s intent as well. It’s most likely that someone searching for a specific service in a location lives nearby, therefore they are more qualified for your services. 

You can boost your local SEO by this simply creating your Google Business Profile. This ensures Google has our updated name, address and phone number for users. 

Technical SEO

Technical SEO refers to the overall structure of your website. For personal injury lawyer SEO, this may look like a homepage, a few service pages, perhaps a blog, and a contact page. 

Google news to read (or crawl) your web pages properly to rank your website. Technical SEO includes the following elements: 

  • Your Website Security (ie: HTTPS).
  • The number of Broken Links.
  • Website speed and loading times. 
  • Mobile Friendliness (website responsiveness). 
  • Image sizes and optimization.

Pro Tip: You can check your website’s performance with Google’s free PageSpeed Insights tool.

Optimizing Text & Content 

Google has some recommendations in terms of content optimization for your web pages. They’re usually quite simple to implement but beware of black hat tactics which can be harmful to personal injury lawyer SEO. 

SEO Content to Implement: 

  • Meta descriptions so users can get a quick idea of what’s on the page via search results.
  • Headings tags: Use headings to organize your content into sections. 
  • Use relevant words in links, not anything random or “stuffed”
  • Optimize images with descriptions (ie: Alt tags). 

SEO Content to Avoid: 

  • Automatically generated content.
  • Content copied and pasted from other websites.
  • Keyword stuffing: Using one word/phrase over and over again. 
  • Using invisible text (other than alt text). 

Ensure to Measure Your SEO Results!

Check your website's Google Analytics and Google Search console metrics

Lastly, we recommend that you measure your website’s SEO performance. This way, you can benchmark your progress with free tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console

Thankfully, search engine optimization campaigns are much easier to measure than traditional marketing channels (like TV, PR, Flyers or Radio). 

The best numbers to monitor for your personal injury lawyer SEO strategy are the following on Google Search Console & Analytics: 

  • Organic Traffic
  • Bounce Rate
  • Conversion Rate
  • Average Duration time
  • Website Clicks
  • Total Impressions
  • Clickthrough Rate
  • Average Position in Search Results

By studying and tracking this data, you can understand your target audience more and their behaviour in real-time. 

Ask an SEO Agency For Help

Every industry can use SEO to gain the upper hand in search engines. But we know a lot of business owners simply lack the time and expertise in website development, design and SEO. 

Don’t forget: if you need help with personal injury lawyer SEO for your website, you can always reach out to us at Choquer Creative, where we help legal websites thrive online.

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