5 Easy Tips From Our Marketing Expert: Creating Content For Law Firm Websites

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5 Easy Tips From Our Marketing Expert: Creating Content For Law Firm Websites

Creating content for law firm websites is more critical than ever. Did you know that more than ⅓ of clients first start their law attorney search online? 

This means that at least 33% of people are looking for legal websites before asking friends, family or colleagues for a referral. 

In another blog post, we discuss some great reasons to have a content strategy aligned with your website. Here, we’ll show you 5 easy tips to ensure your law firm website is amongst the best family law websites out there. 

Optimal Types of Content For Law Firm Websites

  1. Ensuring Your Website is Goal-Oriented
  2. Your Law Firm’s Homepage
  3. About Your Firm Page
  4. Practice Area Pages
  5. Resources & Blog

Ensuring Your Website is Goal-Oriented

Setting goals for your law firm will give you a road map regarding the content of your law firm's website.

To increase your law firm’s awareness, you’ll need to post pages concerning your practices. The content depends on your target audience and what clients you’ll want to serve. 

Are you a corporate law firm? Having a more formal, professional tone with articulate long-form copy will be vital to your success. If you practice family law, you may want to communicate in a softer, caring tone with concise content. 

The amount of high-quality copywriting you put on your website directly affects your SEO performance (or Search Engine Optimization). A rule of thumb is to never sacrifice quality over quantity of writing, as it can negatively impact your SEO score on Google. 

Want to know more about SEO? Here are some more of our latest SEO tips you can read on and the reasons you should care about your website ranking

“Always remember your focus determines your reality” - George Lucas

Your Law Firm’s Homepage 

If you’re only a solo attorney or a part of a much larger law firm, your homepage is always important. 

Once visitors are on your homepage, only 52% of viewers want to see your “about us” section, whereas 86% want to see the most relevant information about your services.

In terms of website design, your homepage is the first impression of your business to potential clients. Content for law firm websites follows these general website guidelines:

  • Communicates what you do and the benefits you offer quickly and concisely
  • Establishes trust and credibility with your audience
  • Grabs attention with images and/or graphics
  • Encourages action from your website visitors
  • Website content helps find answers to questions 
  • The content is scannable and easy to read
  • Provides a convenient way to contact you 

Pro Tip: Demonstrating trust through quality customer testimonials quickly builds credibility on your website. Another tip is to use a FAQ section for common questions your visitors typically ask about. 

Check out the following article for more web design tips for a family lawyer

About Your Firm Page

What you do is significant, but why you do it is even more noteworthy. 

People are moved by storytelling. Your About Page is an area you can shine and differentiate yourself from other attorneys or law firms. 

When your audience is viewing your About Page, they’ll be looking for why they’d feel comfortable working with you. It doesn’t hurt to have a call to action on the page, but it shouldn’t be the main priority. 

The focus of your copywriting should be on your law practice’s story, how long you’ve been in business, what markets you serve and how you’ve built credibility.  

Practice Area Pages

Customers want one thing, and that’s a solution to their problem.

When creating content for your law firm website, provide details about the services you provide to whom. 

The practice area pages and content for law firm websites should be focused and cover only one practice at a time. 

For example, if you practice personal injury, you’ll want to have a separate page for Truck Accidents, Car Accidents, and Motorcycle accidents rather than a page with all three.

Main Takeaway: Cover only one practice area at a time to not overwhelm the visitor and for better SEO. 

Law Firm Resources & Blog Page

Blog content for law firm websites
A well-written resources or blog page can help drive qualified traffic to your website and help your SEO.

Your resources and blog page is essential content for your law firm. 

Did you know companies that blogs receive 97% more links to their websites and that over 75% of internet users read blogs?

Whether you specialize in personal injury, business law, or bankruptcy a blog is a perfect way to demonstrate your expertise to your visitors. 

You may ask, where do you even start with blogs? Some great blog titles and subjects include some of the following statements: 

  • List Format (like this article)
  • How-to or step-by-step guides on a complex process
  • Questions your customers commonly ask you about

By not having a blog, your law firm could be missing out on website traffic, links and indexed pages. 

Having fewer indexed pages = fewer chances at being ranked in Google = less traffic for your law firm.

Get Experts to Help You Create Exceptional Content For Your Law Firm Website

Understanding five fundamentals for content on law firm websites is one thing, but implementing them is another. 

That is where we can help you. 

Whether you need help posting on your blog page or even updating the design of your entire law firm’s website, we can do it at Choquer Creative. 

Contact us today if your company needs a hand with content for law firm websites. 

Want to see what we're capable of? Then make sure to read our other blog on 3 Professional Webflow Showcase Websites To Inspire You.

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