A Complete Guide To Keyword Research: Step-By-Step

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A Complete Guide To Keyword Research: Step-By-Step
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Choquer Creative has put together this walk-through guide for keyword research. This comprehensive guide will show you how to search for keywords and what to look for when using a keyword research tool. Take a look back at our earlier blog posts to gain an understanding of the basics when it comes to SEO and keyword research. 

Performing Keyword Research 

Choose Your Keyword Research Tool 

There are lots of third-party keyword research tools to choose from, at Choquer Creative, SEMrush is one of our personal favourites. Non of these tools are 100% accurate, they all use different methodologies to analyzing keywords. Once you have chosen your tool, you can begin the keyword finding process.  

Enter A Broad Keyword 

Start your search off by typing in a broad keyword, you can narrow this down if you can and you know the specifics of your content. So let’s give you an example. You are looking for rock climbing lessons in your area, but let's make this first search even broader and just type in “how to rock climb”.

Book A Complementary Website Audit Today.

Chat with a member from our Web Development Team to hear their suggestions on how to improve your website and become a leader in your industry. We can walk you through our step-by-step process, break down the Choquer Framework and discuss lead generation strategies that will work for your business.

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