Advanced Link Building Strategies For SEO

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Advanced Link Building Strategies For SEO
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Advanced link-building strategies in SEO can help improve your organic search and inbound backlinks. Choquer Creative has created a list of proven strategies that can help increase your link connections and over time increase your page authority.  

Link Building Strategies: Prospecting & Outreach  

Google uses links as authority signals for its rankings. You check out our previous blog post to learn more about page authority. Certain types of pages are more likely to earn links naturally than others. In general, the more high-quality links that you have, the higher you will rank and the more traffic you’ll get. 

Pages can convert more link requests when doing outreach. Choquer Creative suggests that you spend 25$ of your time creating content and 75% of your time distributing it. We have broken down link building into two steps: prospecting and link outreach. 

Prospecting - finding all your link opportunities and organizing them into one place

Link Outreach - finding the contact information for your prospects and asking them for a link

Link outreach can be done by sending emails to other site owners and sharing your page on social media channels. You need to create incredible pages that are designed to earn links from other high authority sites so you can begin creating your link-building authority. 

SEO silos are a good example of a link-worthy content strategy template and are one of our advanced link-building strategies in SEO. If you are trying to sell a product, your sales page or “money page” will have a difficult time earning links but if you create high authority pages that link back to that sales page, it can become more popular. For example, say you were selling luxury platinum watches. You could create a few other pages that link back to it, such as “are platinum watches worth it”, “platinum watch cost comparison” or “platinum and titanium difference”. These pages are more likely to gain more authority, so you can use that to your advantage for your sales page! Sending an email asking for a link for a sales page won’t get you anywhere, but asking for a link for your comprehensive watch comparison guide just will. 

Link Building To Social Media Channels 

Link building to social media sites isn’t always the best idea. They are considered “walled gardens” that search engines cannot access because they often require a login and are not publicly accessible. However, social media can be a great distribution channel that can indirectly build links through visibility. 


Link building is the art of SEO. Distribution is actually far more important than content creation itself. That is because even though you create this beautiful piece of content, nobody may see it and it was no longer a good use of your time. Choquer Creative advises that you spend more time on prospecting and getting your page seen by doing link outreach. Our SaaS SEO experts have lots of experience with link building and would be happy to help you with your website or blog. We are a digital marketing company that offers website packages with SEO features. 

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