Aesthetic Font: A Powerful Psychological Marketing Strategy

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Aesthetic Font: A Powerful Psychological Marketing Strategy

A picture is worth a thousand words is an old recognizable saying. Many ideas, sentences and even feelings can be formed by examining a single image. But could someone say the same about a font? 

The answer is a resounding yes!

Aesthetic fonts are used in marketing and have a remarkable psychological effect on the brain. Here, we’ll discuss exactly what we mean by that and how that may influence your website design choices. 

The Perception Of Aesthetic Fonts 

Let’s think back a moment to a large brand we’ve all grown up with: Disney.

It’s argued Walt Disney doesn’t have an easy-to-read brand name. The “D” and the “Y” both appear to be different letters (a reverse G and a handwritten P respectively). However, this proves the substance of a font is more significant than its legibility. 

So why may you ask does Walt Disney advertise to children with overly complicated, difficult-to-read script font? This leads to the design theory known as the Gestalt Principles of Design. Essentially, similar to a movie marquee with lights, a person perceives the sum of a design as being greater than its parts. As such, it appears lights travel along a theatre display marquee although the lightbulbs are merely sitting in place and are timed to illuminate. 

Are children reading each letter of the aesthetic font of Disney? No. They look at the entire word as a whole and place meaning behind it. Meaning such as curiosity, adventure, laughter, family, nostalgia and other emotional values we hold dear. 

Using The Correct Aesthetic Font For My Marketing

Any font style is broken into 2 meanings: 

  • Visual Language: The meaning that is perceived visually by the typeface.
  • Verbal Language: What the words typed mean. 

These two meanings support one another while creating marketing copywriting and messages. Below, we’ll break down an introduction to some basic font styles and how they are perceived by society. 


Serifs are aesthetic fonts embodied in tradition and heritage. While reading serif fonts, audiences feel that the writer is traditional, reliable, practical, and respectable. The readers feel comforted as these fonts are easy on the eyes and are commonly used in printed materials, titles logos, and some website text bodies. Examples include Georgia, Times, and Baskerville.

Sans Serif

The mood emitted from sans serif fonts is straightforward. To readers, sans serifs are clean, simplistic and modern. Brands who use these fonts generally speak for themselves, are objective and have nothing to hide behind. 

At our agency, we find sans serifs are the most legible and are commonly the best for website design. Great examples are Product Sans, Futura, and Helvetica. 


The graceful script fonts are pleasing when your brand emits elegance and affection. Scripts are fittingly found on Valentine’s Day cards in stores (Scripts are also called handwritten fonts for a good reason). Wedding products and services especially use Script as an aesthetic font for invitation cards or even for wedding planners. They give off warm, delicate personalized and even expensive characteristics. Beautiful Script fonts include Buttermilk, Edwardian, and Snell Roundhand. 

Make sure to check out our other blog for more advice on selecting the correct fonts.

Which Aesthetic Font Should I Use For My Company?

Aesthetic Font

Ask yourself, what does your company want to communicate to your target audiences? It’s important to come up with a list of brand personality traits for your company before selecting your font style. Here is a list of questions you can answer to help you decide which aesthetic font to select. 

  • What message are you conveying?
  • How do you want your brand/copywriting to come across? Formal, colloquial, straightforward, trustworthy, graceful etc.
  • What emotions do you want your reader to feel?
  • What’s the goal of your writing message? Is it leading to a sale or to informing your audience? 

Trust A Webflow Agency To Get Your Aesthetic Font Design Correct The First Time

You may still be having some trouble selecting a font. Not to worry - we get it - there are an overwhelming number of options. That’s why at Choquer Creative, we offer competitive website packages for enterprises of various sizes to benefit from a newly designed website. 

If you’re looking for some examples of what websites our team has worked on, we’re proud to showcase our previous work to you. We also demonstrate individual website improvements on our new Website Wednesday series on Youtube. 

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