An Introduction to SEO Keyword Research

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An Introduction to SEO Keyword Research
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Keyword research is extremely important when trying to grow your company through marketing. Keyword research is the primary starting point, it is the process of finding and analyzing search terms to use for your SEO marketing strategy. 

Keyword Research for SEO

SEO is a strategy for companies to rank higher in the Google search engine. With SEO you are able to increase the amount of organic traffic to your website and drive exponential growth. SEO is highly valuable for us at Choquer Creative, as a web design agency in Langley, we use SEO to help grow our outreach and make meaningful connections to new clients. 

Keywords are integral for SEO practices because you are targeting words that users put into the Google search engine. Performing SEO keyword research and implementing keywords into your content is valuable for any stage of a business. If you are trying to expand your markets, you can quantifiably see how many people are looking for your service or product in a specific area. Give you important insight before deciding to expand your company. 

SEO keyword research doesn’t just have to be for online marketing, as it’s a proxy for demand. If you are a food truck business, you can do keyword research to see how in-demand food trucks are in a certain city. This will help you decide where to navigate your business. Keyword research can become a tool for your marketing strategy and can point your business in the right direction. 

You can use a keyword research tool, such as SEMrush, one of the best keyword research tools, to start your SEO keyword research. It will give you an in-depth analysis of your keyword by breaking it down into questions, related keywords, and keyword variations. You are able to customize your search by defining parameters for volume, keyword difficulty, related percentage, and more. 

Don’t leave keyword research too late. Don’t spend countless hours on a business and product idea only to find out no one is looking for it. Keyword research is meant to be an aid in your marketing and business strategy, it’s there to give you a behind-the-scenes look at what customers are looking for, so use that to your advantage. 


Here at Choquer Creative, we want our clients to understand our process. We will be taking you on a beginner’s guide through SEO with our easy-to-follow blog posts that will explain how we optimize your website with the help of our in-house SaaS SEO experts.

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