Bankruptcy Lawyer Web Design: Step-By-Step Solutions

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Bankruptcy Lawyer Web Design: Step-By-Step Solutions

Have you ever thought of boosting your conversions on your bankruptcy law website through web design?

According to Stanford University, nearly 1 in 2 people claim that the top reason a business is trustworthy or not is based on its website’s design. 

As a lawyer, you know trust is a make-or-break factor for your customers. They are going through a stressful, confusing and difficult time to say the least. Your clients may have no clue what to do next, how to file for bankruptcy, or even consider a bankruptcy lawyer as an option. 

Steps To Deliver Outstanding Bankruptcy Lawyer Web Design

Step 1: Professionalism

Using high quality images and instinctive navigation will help your website be fresh and effortless for visitors. 

Having a professional photographer take a clean image of you, your team and your office is a foundational piece in web design for a bankruptcy lawyer. 

Images aren’t everything however. A web design agency can ensure your website uses navigation people are accustomed to. It’s tempting to be extra creative here but it may do more harm than good in the long run when your clients just want to easily find certain pages, like your law services. 

To keep your website professional, start with a clean look with links that are easy to spot and connect to the proper pages.

Step 2: Create Content That Your Customers Want & Understand

Content that’s relevant to your target audience goes hand in hand with your website’s appearance. 

Imagine, what does the journey look like for a client of yours going through the ordeal of bankruptcy? You likely already know some questions they ask, but it’s still worth doing a bit of research regardless. 

You presumably have two types of customers: One who is knowledgable and needs a bankruptcy lawyer and those who may not know and are only gathering information before they make a decision. Either way, your client is under a lot of stress financially. 

To combat your client’s uncertainty and stress, try to make your website as welcoming as possible. Make them feel like they can get to know you and what they can expect when they book a consultation with you. 

Posting relevant resources via blogs and other formats is another great way to cater to your audience. Comparing the pros and cons of filing for bankruptcy in a blog, podcast or video is just one example in a sea of endless possibilities of content. 

Ensure to see our blog regarding Content for a Law Firm’s Website for more information.

Step 3: Building Trust & Authority

Bankruptcy Lawyer Web Design

What good is content if it’s not validated?

This is where building trust and authority comes into play. Although producing great content does help create both trust and authority, to stand out you’ll need to go above and beyond for your customers. 

Whether or not bankruptcy is your sole practice, using testimonials is an amazing way to build trust with prospective clients. Over 70% of customers trust businesses through positive reviews and 88% trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. 

If you solve bankruptcy issues for a client, check if they are willing to be featured on your website. Offering both written and video testimonials will market your law firm in a compelling way.

Building website authority for your law practice takes a plenty of work. Authority is the level of competency you and your website bears. Showcasing your education, skills, and connecting to other firms while link building will help you boost authority. These Search Engine Optimization (SEO) factors plus a number of others will allow you to show up higher on search engines (like Google and Bing). 

Consider Our Web Design Experts For Your Bankruptcy Law Practice

Building a website is a lot of work (we would know). Our website design and development team at Choquer Creative allows plenty of businesses to thrive online. 

We have previous experience creating and revamping a variety of websites including real estate, health, and even law. If you're a bankruptcy lawyer needing guidance on web design, don’t hesitate to talk to us for a complementary website audit

Are you getting frustrated with WordPress? If so, make sure to read our other blog on Webflow vs Wordpress.

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