Benefits Of Guest Blogging: A Link Building Campaign Guide

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Benefits Of Guest Blogging: A Link Building Campaign Guide
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There are many benefits of guest blogging, especially for a high authority site as it can help build links back to your site. Choquer Creative has designed an easy-to-follow guide for a guest blogging campaign. 

Establishing Your Outline

In order to have a successful link-building campaign, you need to decide on your goals and outcomes and develop a comprehensive outline. Choquer Creative has designed a comprehensive guide that you can follow along in order to benefit from guest blogging.

Goal: Establish a process to find guest blogging opportunities, perform outreach and create content to acquire backlinks. 

Ideal outcome: You are able to consistently build high-quality and contextual backlinks to your site. 

Prerequisites or requirements: You must have a good understanding of SEO and be able to perform keyword research and have a keyword strategy. You can look at our other blogs posts on SEO keyword research to gain a better understanding before building your campaign. 

Why this is important: Link building is essential for SEO. If you want to rank high in search results you will need to be able to build links to high authority sites. That’s why Choquer Creative really values and recognizes the benefits of guest blogging for all website owners. 

Where this is done: Link building can be done in your web browser. 

Who does this: The person in charge of SEO and link building for your site. You can outsource this task with Choquer Creative. We have in-house SEO experts who can optimize your pages and perform link building to high-authority pages. 

Step-By-Step Guide To Guest Blogging 

  1. Perform keyword research  
  • Determine your topic and what you want to build links around. Each of these link-building campaigns will be limited to single searcher intent. 
  • Develop a solid keyword map and plan so you can start writing your content with a strong knowledge of what keyword you are trying to rank for. 

       2. Create/find content that you can repurpose multiple times 

  • You need to provide other websites with high-quality and original content.
  • Link building with high authority pages will increase your outreach. 
  • Create or select a high-quality blog post that will be repurposed or rewritten by third-party writers. 
  • Ensure that the blog post is relevant to the search intent you identified in the first step. 
  • The guest blog post must be at least 800 words long. 
  • Don’t just link to your own site, include external links. 
  • The blog post should be easy to read, with legible headers and short paragraphs to keep the user’s attention. 
  • Include relevant images and graphics when you can. 

       3.  Find guest posting opportunities (prospecting) 

  • Try doing this on your own but this can be outsourced. 
  • Using your keyword and search intent information, find blog posts that seem relevant to your campaign. 
  • Grab multiple URLs of blogs post and make a list and include the blog post title, author, website name, editor name and editor email. 
  • Contact your prospects inquiring about writing them a guest blog post

       4.  Launch your outreach campaign 

  • Finalize the idea for your guest blog post and share that to your prospects asking for a feature.
  • Send an email detailing what your guest blog post will be about and what value it will add to their website. 

       5.  Writing the guest blog post 

  • Write an SEO-friendly guest blog post
  • You can check out our blog post here for tips on how to write an SEO blog post. 


Hopefully from this guide, you can see the benefits of guest blogging. Link building is a crucial part of the SEO process. Guest blog posts can be a great method to increase backlinks to your site. Our SaaS SEO experts have lots of experience with link building and would be happy to help you with your website or blog. We are a digital marketing company that offers website packages with SEO features.

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