Cool Websites That Will Inspire You In 2023

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Cool Websites That Will Inspire You In 2023

Haven’t you ever been super impressed by a jaw-dropping website? As a business owner, haven’t you wished your website looked just as compelling and functioned as your favourite sites?  Like your brand, so many other companies are vying for people’s limited amount of attention. Creating a trendy, cool website is a daunting task that’s difficult to measure. 

This is why we’ve compiled a list for you of websites in 2022 that we deem as unique and inspirational. Finding cool websites for your audience just got easier for you! Here’s our shortlist of sites you’ll want to navigate to and get some ideas. 

A Consistently Cool Website - Apple

Few companies can stand up to design as much as Apple. Due to their resonate branding, you’ve likely seen their website before as a customer. Using their insights for user-friendliness, Apple aligns itself with a minimalist design approach paired with eye-grabbing visuals and colours. They also use pictures and just the right number of moving menus without becoming too disorienting, which are used to build engagement. 

Note Apple’s use of photographs. They use sleek, high-quality images and shoot their photos at quirky angles. They do this for a reason, as with their Macbook Air, to illustrate how thin it is from the side. If you sell products on your website, ensure you experiment with photography as well. Try not to make every image look the same for every product on your homepage. If you want to use fun angles like Apple, try to come up with a reason for it that illustrates genuine value for your customers. 

A Well-Defined Cool Website - Pinnacle Fertility

In the grand scheme of cool website design, the impactful visuals have to be accompanied by thoughtful text. This is what Pinnacle Fertility does remarkably. With simple visuals and animations, this website focuses on its language and its goals with high-quality information. Their homepage clearly defines what Pinnacle does as a fertility clinic and why to choose them over other clinics. 

Their images across the website depict values and traits such as fulfillment, support, and happiness. Pinnacle effectively communicates these feelings to its visitors' page after page. In their about section, their core values are communicated concisely, along with symbols which support them. This avoids wordiness and clutter and helps Pinnacle stand out amongst the competition. 

An Impactful Cool Website - Wealth Shown To Scale 

It’s entertaining to market your brand message in a fun, engaging way. This cool website design demonstrates the wealth of Amazon’s founder uniquely and it drives its point home while scrolling for minutes. It’s more common for these numbers to be simply written out as text however, they lose their value and any lasting impact. Seeing to scale real comparisons of data, like the earnings of an average doctor, or the cost to grant clean drinking water to every person on the Earth has an immense impact on the reader. The humanitarian impact of this cool website has a message which isn’t diluted. Of course, this type of design wouldn't be optimal for all websites. If you’re looking to make an impact as a nonprofit, this could be some solid inspiration for you. 

An Engaging Cool Website - FIKSE Wheels

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If you like visuals, brand communication and visitor engagement, FIKSE wheel is a superb candidate for one of the best cool websites out there. The company is a North American wheel seller in Surrey, BC. Right away on their home page, you have a Porsche photo at a striking angle. Alongside the high contrast text, this communicates the brand’s quality work right away. 

What makes this website stand out is its use of consistent photos, scrolling and hover animations. As you scroll down to their timeline, they use a scrolling animation to spin the wheel in front of you. The use of this animation draws the human eye and encourages the visitor to continue scrolling down. Beyond that animation, the wheel product photos are shown below. As you hover with a mouse or touchpad, the animation changes from a side view to a face-on view, emphasizing the interactive elements and encouraging you to click. Checking out the FIKSE wheels showroom allows you to view more striking photos of performance vehicles with their products shown in use. 

The captivating thing about this practice is that they’re positioning the product in with the customer’s lifestyle. This way, your website visitors can more easily imagine what their lives would look like with your offering. 

How Does Your Website Compare?

There’s our shortlist of cool websites we find modern for different reasons. What does your website look like in comparison? Do you see some areas in which you’re doing well or are there other areas that need improvement? 

If so, we’d love to help you at Choquer Creative. Don’t hesitate to schedule a site audit or reach out to us

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