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How To Develop your Brand Story with Custom Website Development

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How To Develop your Brand Story with Custom Website Development

What kind of story does your website tell?

No, we’re not talking about what products you sell, their features, and how they work. Brand storytelling goes deeper than simply the blogs you post or the content you create for your company. 

In this article, we’ll discuss what a brand story is and how custom website development can be used as an instrument to reinvigorate your company with your customers. 

What is A Brand Story Anyway?

Storytelling is one of the oldest and most fundamental forms of communication. 

Don’t you often feel connected and synchronized to the story's subject when you read or hear a captivating story?

Think of large companies which have used brand stories, such as Disney or Apple. Although these brands use custom website development to enhance them, their brand stories provide the framework for their websites and everything else they do. 

The brand story embodies the feelings, emotions and facts that you want to be associated with your business. It goes far beyond product specifications or company history, but brand stories guide those elements and give your company authenticity, voice, purpose, and an ideal way to connect with customers. 

Brand Voice

Before crafting or fine-tuning your brand story, ask yourself: “What do I want to sound like to my customers? What do I want them to think and feel when they see or hear my company name?”

Consider the potency of brands like Apple or Disney. There’s a reason why people quote Disney movies, know their songs, and even dress up in costume as their characters. 

According to their brand identity, Disney represents family-friendly and wholesome fun for all ages. Their company values are optimism, innovation, storytelling, and community. 

Apple on the other hand exhibits traits like accessibility, education, inclusion & diversity, innovation, creativity, and even supplier responsibility. 

Brand voice is reflected in the brand story and influences future custom website development decisions down the road. 

Creating a Brand Story

Have you created a brand story which resonates with customers?

A typical mistake is when companies identify themselves as the main character of their brand story. If this happens, it’ll make your company feel distant and drive poor custom website development decisions. 

Remember, the primary goal is to connect with your customers. Creating the main character that is more relatable to the target customer or brand persona is infinitely more effective in storytelling than using the company. 

Keeping your brand story simple will engage your audience more than a long, drawn-out epic. The brand story is composed of 3 basic steps: 

  • Beginning (Problem): Explain the problem the main character (customer) is experiencing and that you set out to solve. 
  • Middle (Solution): Describe how you solve their problem. (Products, services etc). 
  • End (Success): Show success to the problem and drive future excitement. 

This is a relatable story structure that people expect. Customers want to be in and buy themselves into the story, not just buy the product for the sake of itself. 

In your storytelling, try using the following phrases in writing: we relate to you, we understand, and we are like you. 

The type of customer you want for your business is the customer who desires to be in the spotlight of your story.

How to Show Your Brand Story Through Custom Website Development

After completing your brand story and brand design, then you can consider thinking about how custom website development can bring it all to life online. 

Understanding Colours 

Consider the effects of colour on your audience in custom website development. Colour influences how people experience and feel about your brand. 

Dominant colours that correspond to or compliment your logo is a go-to method of web design. Using an eye-catching colour on your headlines and subheadings will captivate your readers, whereas subtle shades are best used for navigation bars, tabs and menus. 

Understanding colours and choosing the correct combination grants your audience insight into your company. 

Fonts & Copywriting

Fonts can say a lot about your website. There are so many styles, from old-fashioned serifs, script, and modern sans serifs, that it can be overwhelming. 

Ensuring to simplify fonts with just the right amount of variety will help readers stay focused on your key messaging. Too much font variety during custom website development will make your audience confused and overwhelmed. Choosing the wrong font and improper copywriting altogether could detract from your brand story and erode trust. 

At Choquer, we help websites with copywriting and choosing the best fonts to represent you.  See our guide on selecting the best fonts for your website

Adding Distinct Visuals 

Custom website design contains a plethora of visual tools to help illustrate your brand’s story. 

Using powerful custom website design tools such as Webflow, we can add stunning visuals to websites without writing code. From adding compelling background videos to play on your homepage, making intuitive website navigation, making mobile optimized layouts, to editing colours.

At Choquer creative, we use Webflow to build mesmerizing websites which are customer-centric. 

Is your website not captivating audiences along with your brand story? Let us know if you need help with your website.

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