Easiest Options For Building Websites For The Not Tech Savvy

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Easiest Options For Building Websites For The Not Tech Savvy

What are the easiest options for building websites for the not tech-savvy? We’re glad you asked!

At Choquer Creative, we know that web design projects can feel overwhelming. Today, you may be feeling the pressure of having a modernized, competitive website for your visitors and stakeholders. 

Ask yourself: Do you have the skills, time or know-how to construct and maintain a website? 

There are many web builders on the market. A few are more complicated than others, but some are the easiest options for building websites for the not tech-savvy. At Choquer, our skilled website team uses Webflow

Beginning Steps: Start with Your Content

Whether you tackle this on your own or with a certified Webflow agency, you’re going to need some content. 

Would you go set up a booth at an art convention without paintings? Would you book a venue to perform music without knowing any songs? No, you wouldn’t. 

The same goes for a website: you wouldn’t publish a website without valuable content!

Even if you’re looking for the easiest options for building websites for the not-tech-savvy, ensure you know how many pages you’ll think you’ll need. Try and organize what content you’d like on each page. For example, save nice headshots of you or your staff for the About page, whereas you’ll want product pictures for your Products page on an eCommerce website. 

You’ll need some copywriting, even if your picture is worth a thousand words. The funny thing is, Google doesn’t often see images as we do. Search engines like Google need text to read to sort and index your website. Your customers need messaging to move closer to a subscription or sale. 

You don’t need to have everything fleshed out, but it helps to have the main points outlined and have a few sentences about each page. Ensure your headlines are captivating and speak to your audience, as 80% of people only read headlines on your page

Copywriting helps drive design and they rely on each other to succeed. Save yourself the hassle and ensure you have enough written and graphical content for each section ahead of time. 

If you're interested to learn more, make sure to read about how web design and SEO (search engine optimization) work together

Consider Doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Upfront 

SEO on its own can be a daunting research task. However, it may pay off if you undertake it immediately, especially if your website is made from scratch. 

It’s a known fact that 68% of more of online engagements start with a person using a search engine. Isn’t it time for you to be harnessing some of that search traffic?

There are plenty of tools out there to build a list of search terms (or keywords). Our team at Choquer trusts Semrush, which is a fantastic keyword research tool that monitors website performance and search engine traffic. 

If you know your customer base, you can conduct some of your research and write in a voice that resonates with your visitors. 

When considering SEO, think about the following points: 

  • What words do people use to find your site?
  • What terms would they use to find topics relevant to your site?
  • What questions would they ask a search engine to find your website as the answer to their query?

Finding keywords and putting them in the correct places on your website is SEO 101. Thankfully, some agencies can accomplish this and dig much deeper.

Starting Web Design: A Template or a Blank Canvas?

Using website templates may hamper your ability to customize your website freely.

Even if you have little experience in web design, it’s possible to create a website in hours. There are pros and cons to using a free website template or starting on a blank page. 

If you’re curious and have the time to figure out the basics of how web design works, a template may be the way to go. Webflow offers plenty of free web design templates to choose from. They’ll give you an understanding of common web design practices. 

A downside of picking a template is that anybody else can do the exact same thing. Do you want your website to stand out from your competitors? Do you want it to be a truly unique experience with an original layout and design? If you think so, then starting from scratch may be a better idea with a web designer or Webflow agency. 

Before opting to use a template, we’d highly suggest considering these known drawbacks of website templates:

  • Not exclusive or unique
  • Limited customization options
  • Possible software required to customize
  • Need to know image optimization skills
  • May harm search engine optimization (SEO)

Conclusion: When in Doubt, Trust The Website Pros


Just because the easiest options for building websites for the not tech-savvy are out there, it doesn’t mean all website builders are the best options for your business. 

Website builders are great tools to familiarize yourself with website design, copywriting, SEO and more, but maintaining and growing a website properly takes large portions of your time away from your business. 

Our team at Choquer Creative offers competitive website development packages for businesses at any level (don’t forget to see our Webflow showcase of websites we’ve recently worked on). 

Sometimes, the easiest option for building websites for the not tech-savvy is contacting a qualified Webflow agency (like us) to help you out. 

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