Integrated Marketing Agency: Marketing For The Modern World

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Integrated Marketing Agency: Marketing For The Modern World

What is an Integrated Marketing Agency?

Can you think of any brand or company that markets or advertises to you in only a single way? 

If you are still scratching your head, don’t worry! You might be scrambling for an answer just as we are. 

Before everyday people had access to the internet, brands only had to communicate to consumers in a few ways such as newsprint, signage, events, T.V. and radio. 

Modern integrated marketing includes implementing marketing plans in conjunction with online marketing channels. 

An integrated marketing agency usually has an account manager overseeing a client’s advertising channels. The goal? To reach their target audience as effectively and efficiently as possible. 

This is easier said than done! It’s daunting, confusing and time-consuming. There’s not always a clear roadmap and there are multiple ways to build an effective integrated marketing plan.

What Makes Integrated Marketing Relevant?

The days of independent and traditional content marketing are behind us. 

Sure, you still see tangible pieces of print advertising and media present today. Traditional marketing has its purpose, but it’s no longer good enough or cost-effective to reach the masses. 

Let’s suppose you’re a customer. You find a product at the local department store you frequent and you look over the product’s packaging. Now you may be curious to learn more about the product so you take out your phone and search for it. 

First, if you have a problem finding the same product or brand online, it may put doubt in your mind about the legitimacy of the product in your hands. 

Second, let's say you do find the website. However, what if the website design is clunky, outdated and looks nothing like the presentation of the product? What if the website development is poor and doesn’t adjust to fit your phone size? 

If you come across any of these problems, it’s very likely a customer will put the product down and never think of it again. 

This demonstrates that marketing campaigns are never just a single channel. This correlates to the reasons why most people may not buy your product in an online or offline store. 

Integrated marketing is also called omnichannel marketing because all of the various channels rely on one another to succeed.

Snapshot of Integrated Marketing Agency Channels

Your customers consume content from multiple platforms. Social media, streaming services, search engines, you name it! Here are some of the strengths of key integrated marketing components in a nutshell:

  • Print Marketing: Strengths include generating brand awareness, tangibility making it physically stand out, the ability to be targeted geographically, and it has high customization. 
  • Banner Ads: Any banner ad’s goal is to create awareness of your brand. They can be targeted at certain times and locations for a particular audience. 
  • Landing Pages: Grant the opportunity to give a great targeted first impression. Content can be hyper-specific based on the ad clicked and it has measurable stats and conversions. 
  • Email Marketing: Extremely customizable and convenient for qualified customers who have already signed up. Email marketing is very trackable and can help you better understand your customers, their preferences and their behaviour. 
  • Organic Search Engine Marketing: Search engine optimization (SEO) can be used to acquire more traffic to your website. It’s free traffic, but it also involves investment in creating specific and relevant content - like blogs and webpages - while targeting specific key phrases. You can read more about the process of SEO or visit our blog page
  • Paid Search Marketing: You can bid your way up search engine results through paid search marketing. It involves a similar procedure as SEO. Keywords should be deeply researched, as you only pay each time a user clicks on your ad. Make it count!
  • Direct Mail Marketing: Old-fashioned snail mail still can bring big results for the right company. You can pack business giveaways, such as branded pens or stickers, to targeted postal addresses. Of course, costs can add up quickly doing this. Selecting the correct area is key to effective direct mail. 

Advantages of Hiring an Integrated Marketing Agency

A professional integrated marketing agency follows a few key factors to ensure your business offering is reaching the right people while staying within your budget. 

As a web design and development agency which also focuses on your integrated marketing needs, Choquer Creative brings the following elements to the table: 

  • Being flexible to market conditions
  • A diverse team with specific skills
  • Consistency with your overall branding and your message
  • Consolidating integrated marketing efforts in one place

Contact us if your brand needs help from an integrated marketing agency.

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