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Making the Move to Webflow: An Intuitive WordPress Alternative

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Making the Move to Webflow: An Intuitive WordPress Alternative

You’ve created great content in WordPress, but you’ve noticed sleeker, and eye-popping websites on the web with similar content as yours. Although WordPress is an extremely popular CMS, it’s still prone to a number of issues which may have become evident to you. Given some of the functional caveats, possible security issues, plus thematic and customization limits on your WordPress website, it’s worth considering that making the switch to Webflow might be a good executive decision for your organization. 

You may be wondering: Why would I migrate my WordPress website to Webflow? How can I use a WordPress alternative without losing my current website traffic and SEO rankings?

WordPress Caveats

Inconsistent & Endless Choices 

WordPress’ customization options play out as a double-edged sword. Every WordPress account is set up much differently so the backend of the website is different. This means if you have a website troubleshooting task and you find a great Youtube video tutorial, unfortunately, the walkthrough may not actually work for your website. Therefore, as your site begins scaling up, it becomes increasingly difficult to repair common website issues. 

Third-Party Web Hosting

One of the main drawbacks of WordPress is that it doesn’t provide direct website hosting services. Similar to some other CMS’s, it means that your website is stored on third-party hosts. This affects your business by having reduced website speed and performance. This is a headache for marketers and developers. Slow page loading can increase your bounce rate and cause visitors to leave. Google also considers load time in their algorithms, which dictate your search ranking, especially for mobile browsers. For more information on definitions for SEO analytics, read our guide.

Website Setup, Maintenance & Content Updates

WordPress isn’t as simple as Webflow in terms of setup and editing. People with limited technical knowledge can build a WordPress site, which was the main draw, but it can be a steep learning curve past selecting a website template. For example, non-technical employees may have difficulty editing a portion of a page without a developer readily available. If you want a more customized design apart from their provided templates, you’ll need to figure out how to code it yourself or hire a developer

You’re also responsible for the site’s updates and maintenance unless you sign up for managed WordPress hosting. Users argue that updates are a workaround to WordPress’s security issues. They are indeed helpful, but they can be frustrating. Updates can cause other plugins on your website to become incompatible, essentially breaking areas of your website (sometimes including the theme itself). It’s a caveat which is reported by several users.

Webflow as a WordPress Alternative

Drag and Drop Design Tool Features

There are countless reasons why Webflow would make an excellent Wordpress alternative for your website.  Webflow is an excellent cloud website editor which doesn’t require coding knowledge. It allows you and your team to take the reins on technical scripts, allowing you to focus on the visuals and website design. The website’s code can be downloaded to developers or your site can be posted right away. Webflow literally uses an intuitive drag and drop interface. Like painting a picture, your website starts as a blank canvas. Background videos, pictures, GIFs, sliders, tabs, and more can be implemented by a designer. This ensures your marketed content is up professionally, accurately, and quickly with no technical glitches. Website navigation and page structure is viewed and edited within a couple of clicks rather than line upon line of code. 

Rapid & Reliable

Rivalling as a WordPress alternative, Webflow’s servers are the fastest on the market, using extremely reliable Amazon Web Servers. They also provide an impressive 99.99% uptime guarantee, so that’s less downtime for your website, which equals fewer headaches for your online operations and for your customers. 

Responsive Website

Webflow makes it easy to build a responsive website. As we discussed in our blog posts, Google ranking favours websites that work well on all devices.

For more information on how Webflow optimizes SEO, read our blog post.

Simple Interactive Tools

Did you or your team have an idea for custom animations? The great thing is, your ideas can become reality with Webflow. Customized interactions can be built throughout your site without any code required. 

Some great interactive animations to consider are:

  • Reveal on click content
  • Hover mouse animations
  • Scrolling progress animations
  • And many more

These tools alone make Webflow a hassle-free WordPress alternative. If you have any specific animation ideas, make sure to discuss them with our certified Webflow experts.

The Process of Migrating your Wordpress Website to Webflow

There are many reasons why Webflow is an excellent WordPress alternative for your website. For a head-to-head comparison of which one is better for your business, click here.

The next step is actually moving all of your web content over to Webflow from WordPress. There’s a lot of content to consider: keyword rankings, SEO, images and alt text, and website structure to name a few. There are many aspects to your website which have taken a lot of time and effort to produce, and starting from scratch is an arduous task. 

This is why it’s best to have an expert Webflow developer agency work on your site. At Choquer Creative, we’re experienced at migrating Wordpress sites to Webflow. We offer a comprehensive, step-by-step process by our web development team to ensure your website looks how you imagine it. We've helped numerous clients with web development across the US and Canada.

You can view our packages for more information. Or, feel free to contact us!

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