SaaS SEO Expert: An Actionable Strategy for Growth

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SaaS SEO Expert: An Actionable Strategy for Growth

SEO can be complicated and confusing. No matter what kind of company you are, startup or a large Webflow eCommerce store, when utilizing SEO there is normally only one common goal: growth.

This is done by attracting more people to your website where you are then able to turn these prospects into leads. 

We understand that you are not an SEO expert so we will be outlining some key features of a smart SEO strategy for SaaS companies in an easy-to-follow guide. You can find more SEO-related information from our Choquer Creative blog

What is SEO? 

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a strategy for many companies to rank higher in the Google search engine. With SEO you are able to increase the amount of organic traffic to your website and drive exponential growth. 

SEO is highly valuable for us at Choquer Creative, as a web design agency in Langley, we use SEO to help grow our outreach and make meaningful connections to new clients. 

By becoming a SaaS SEO expert, you can diminish your dependence on paid marketing and instead focus on utilizing the Google algorithm to increase your company’s visibility and to grab that coveted featured snippet spot.  

SEO for SaaS companies is the most effective way to generate more leads and there are a few key features to an SEO strategy that we at Choquer Creative are happy to share with you. 

Why You Need a Smart SEO Strategy 

SEO for SaaS companies relies on content and if you create SEO-driven content you will see exponential growth in your company. Just look at the top SaaS companies, HubSpot and Pipedrive and see how successful their SEO strategy has been. They are consistently at the top of the Google search page when looking for SEO advice. 

Anyone can integrate SEO into their writing, but some methods are outdated. Keyword stuffing won’t do it anymore, you need to be more thoughtful and intentional with your writing. Who is your audience? Or more specifically, what kind of person are you targeting? 

Developing a personal (a detailed description of one of your typical customers) can be extremely helpful in guiding your writing style. 

Google’s new A.I. based algorithm, RankBrain, is able to see whether a search result is relevant to a specific user. Therefore general writing won’t help you rank in Google, instead, the algorithm is looking for valuable and relevant content that can be specified to a user. 

How to Grow Your SaaS Company Through SEO 

As the first SEO tip, we must tell you that quality is far more important and valuable than quantity. Pushing out tired and nonsensical content won’t help grow your leads and may in fact hinder your ranking. First and foremost, SEO is about optimizing for your audience, and not just attracting attention from the search engine bots. 

Writing in a way that is intentional for your customers is far more beneficial than just trying to please the search engine. Although we said quality over quantity, if you can produce a lot of quality content, then do so. More content can lead to more traffic, but remember, don’t just produce content for content’s sake. 

So you want to make relevant content. Where do you start? Well, establishing your target customer is crucial when planning your SEO strategy. Here at Choquer Creative, we’ve identified three main categories of customers. 

  1. Those searching specifically for your software - we love this one. 
  2. Those searching for information about software like yours - using SEO strategies, you can make your company appear at the top of their search list. 
  3. Customers who are ready to purchase software like yours - they’re searching with intent to purchase, comparing companies, seeing what suits them best. Again, let’s get your company in their sights. 

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and think about the kind of language or questions they would plug into Google that could lead to your company. Using a keyword search tool you can establish blog titles through the frequently asked questions.

For example, if there is a high volume of people searching “How can I grow my SaaS company with SEO”, you can turn that into a blog title, “Growing your SaaS Company with Smart SEO Strategies” and that will direct those asking that question to your website. You can then develop a list of keywords related to this search and target them in your writing. 

We’d like to introduce you to the SaaS SEO Funnel, a process that intends to guide a prospect into becoming a lead. The funnel is broken down into 3 main components. 

  1. Problem
  2. Solution
  3. Product

A customer enters the funnel because they have a problem. Let’s take our question from earlier, “How can I grow my SaaS company with SEO”. The problem is that they are a SaaS company and they do not know how to grow leads by using SEO strategies. 

Once the person recognizes their problem they enter the solution phase where they are actively seeking a way to fix their problem. This could be using the Google search engine to type in that very question. The last phase of the funnel is the product. When they have narrowed down how they are going to address this problem, they will begin their research and compare products and this is where your SEO tools come into play. 

However the funnel is not linear, and customers can enter at any stage which is why a robust keyword implementation and SEO strategy is helpful in reaching the said customer. 

Google is typically the first point of contact for a problem because a Google search is quick and easy. As a SaaS SEO expert, this is your opportunity to bring in a potential lead. 

Lastly, with any good SaaS SEO strategy, there must be a reflection stage. Here you will study the data collected from your past content to learn what you need to improve to better optimize and increase your growth exponentially

We understand that SEO can be troublesome which is why Choquer Creative web design agency also offers SEO support alongside their website packages and digital marketing. We are able to work with you to optimize your company with lead generation guaranteed. Contact us for more information.

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