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The Fastest Way To Build A Website: Best No Code Website Builder

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The Fastest Way To Build A Website: Best No Code Website Builder

The Best No Code Website Builders & The Era of Code Free

Building a website today is far different than it was decades ago. The best no-code website builders have fundamentally changed website building as we know it. 

Code-free development allows programmers, web developers, designers, and non-programmers alike to build websites without knowing web code. Barriers to entry are removed, as technology is further assisting us to encourage creating websites visually. 

Some of the best no code website builders use drag-and-drop solutions to make your website stand out. Other popular website builders provide built-in SEO tools (search engine optimization), social media controls, and free domains (which have their limitations).

What are the benefits of Code Free Websites?

Imagine trying to assemble a car from scratch. Maybe a few of us could figure it out, but for the majority of people, it’s far too complicated, costly, and time-consuming. The same goes for building a website with no coding knowledge. 

Website-building platforms help solve that exact problem. You can drag and drop pictures and text sections for landing pages, and have your social media links and logos in key areas. 

To quote the co-founder at Github:The future of coding is no coding at all”. - Chris Wanstrath

Benefits of using the best no code website builders also include: 

  • Your company website can be built faster (in hours or days)
  • Little to no coding language experience is required
  • Able to make small changes to your website easily
  • Open your website to numerous no-code possibilities in the future

Our Shortlist of The Best No Code Website Builders


Wix is known to be a popular all-around website builder for beginners. It’s fairly intuitive and simple enough for beginners like students, new solopreneurs, and more. It has many built-in apps and features for a good user experience overall. 

Wix: Pros & Cons


  • Simplicity is great for beginners dipping their feet in website building 
  • Decent level of creative control & customization
  • Tools and apps available to enhance your website (eCommerce)
  • Drag and drop editing tool


  • SEO (search engine optimization) methods are outdated. May harm your search results. 
  • Free version has Wix advertising
  • Can’t switch your template without starting over (post-publishing)
  • Cannot control web hosting, uptime, or web updates


Lots of artists choose Squarespace for visually-appealing websites. For this reason, this code-free website builder is popular with web designers and photographers. Thanks to a few recent updates, it’s more straightforward to use with email and social media button support. 

Squarespace: Pros & Cons


  • Built-in SEO Tools
  • Beautiful website templates for industries and market niches
  • Marketing features


  • Website editor is finicky
  • Lacks autosave (possible to lose work progress unexpectedly)
  • Less customizable

Webflow: The Best No Code Website Builder (our recommendation)

The best no code website builder by far is Webflow

It’s no secret that we’ve pitted Webflow against popular website builders like Wix and WordPress. The reasons why we believe Webflow is the better website builder are mainly because it has reliable performance, a high level of customization, and powerful web design tools for creating the most professional-looking websites.

Webflow’s a reliable hosting platform that’s powered by Amazon Web Servers. This ensures your website is always operating properly, granting you some of the most dependable servers in the world. 

Don’t forget to see our very own Webflow showcase of websites we’ve worked on in the past!

Webflow: Pros & Cons


  • Rich with customizable features
  • Best Performance: Powered by Amazon Web Servers 
  • Built-in SEO tools
  • Low Maintenance: Nothing extra to install or update


  • Steeper learning curve to understand all of the features. 
  • Costs slightly more to host.

Need Help With Business Website Building?

Do you want your website to be fully customized? Do you want your brand to be hosted professionally and reliably? 

Look no further than the team at Choquer Creative

We use Webflow to professionally host your website. We look to you - the marketers, stakeholders, and business owners - that want your brand to be communicated and portrayed the best way online. 

We offer tailored subscription-based website packages designed to grow your business. Contact us today if you’re interested in having a website built with the best no code website builder. 

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