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Tips for Choosing a Domain Name

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Tips for Choosing a Domain Name
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Choosing a domain name is similar to choosing a company name, it requires thought and consideration, and domain research. 

Choquer Creative has compiled some tips for choosing a domain so you can go ahead with the rest of your website creation.

How To Think About Domain Name Selection  

Choosing a domain name happens once you have completed your keyword research, ensuring that there is actually a market for your service, product or website. 

Keyword research can in fact help you with the domain selection process. However, we don’t always suggest an exact match domain. Picking a domain that has your primary keyword in it is no longer necessary. 

Google has de-emphasized the importance of a keyword domain. There is a slight SEO component to it but we suggest that you don’t worry too much about it. 

When thinking about a domain name you should prioritize the following: 

  • No hyphens 
  • No misspellings 
  • As short as possible = makes it easy to type in
  • Concise and clear 
  • Indicates the concept (if possible)
  • Allow room for growth for your company (don’t make your domain too specific if you plan on growing your company into other services or products in the future)
  • Someone easily remembers your domain name and find it on Google
  • Use dot com, it’s synonymous with the internet and people intuitively know what it is 

Finding A Domain Name

You can use an online tool to find a domain name and see if it is available. There are lots of name sites to choose from, we recommend looking at this article from WebsiteSetup to find the best domain name generator

A domain name generator will present you with all available names relating to the word that you prompt it with. It will also check to see if the dot com is available. 

Create a list of names that interest you. You should aim for a name with two to three syllables. However, we suggest that you do not buy a domain as there are lots of domains available out there and it isn’t cost-effective. If you must, keep your budget low. 

Google the domain names and start to see which search results you will be competing against. Would you have a tough time ranking?

These quick and easy tips for choosing a domain name are meant to help you along the process of creating your own blog or website from scratch. We are a digital marketing company with expertise in website building. 

We can help you choose a domain name and create an entire website that aligns with your vision. 

Our SaaS SEO experts have lots of experience with SEO metrics, analytics and tracking, and can provide you with services that will increase your blog or website’s organic search.

Book A Complementary Website Audit Today.

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