Top 5 Construction website design tips that help you build an online foundation

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Top 5 Construction website design tips that help you build an online foundation

Importance of Construction Website Design

Your website is like your social media profile but for your business. For most companies, their website is the second most used channel in terms of marketing. 

If you’ve found your current website is building up a layer of virtual dust, then you’ve come to the right place. 

At Choquer Creative, our team builds websites professionally. Here are 5 tips to help with your construction website design. 

Simple Always Beats Complicated

A rule of thumb in construction website design is to keep things simple. 

Think about what your clients want. They want to solve a problem quickly and want a company to fix it on budget and on time. The truth is, you only have about 8 seconds to grab someone’s attention online. 

Below are two easy ways to implement and gauge your current website’s simplicity. 

Pro Tip: Use Whitespace

Something you can implement right now is adding whitespace on your webpage. It helps your company implement a trick called forced prioritization. This is hard to do at first, but try and think of 3-5 things your company does exceptionally well. 

Forced prioritization helps declutter your website and influences your design choices. It also helps your visitors find conversion areas on your site to book with you. 

Pro Tip: The 5-Second Test

People are flooded with heaps of unwanted information every day. To cut through the noise, ensure your website offers value at first glance. 

A common test you can run is a 5-second test. Ask someone who does not know anything about your business - or send out a random survey - and show them one section of the website for 5 seconds (we recommended “above the fold”, or the top area of your home or product page). 

Afterwards, ask your tester what they remember about the page and what was on it. 

Assess their answers by considering these questions yourself: 

  • Do they understand your product/service?
  • Do they see a benefit from the page?
  • Do they recall your company or product name?

If you’ve answered no to any of those three questions, it means you can improve your design and messaging. 

If you need a larger pool of targeted customers who don’t know your business, try a tool such as Usability Hub.

Focus on User-Friendly Website Navigation 

After getting the attention of your visitors, you should aim to keep them engaged. Your customers should easily be able to find your services, testimonials, pictures of projects, and about your company. 

Going back to the previous step try to focus on what your customers generally want to find. Here’s an easy customer-centric framework to follow with design elements: 

  • A recap on what your company is and your history. 
  • What kind of construction projects do you do?
  • What past construction projects looked like.
  • How to contact you.
  • How to buy/take the next step. 

Make the information easy to find and not a headache for your customers. Try to design it around your target customer or your ideal client. Filter the information down to simplify your navigation menu (you can always leave a detailed sitemap on the footer of your website).

If you don’t have a specialty in web design don’t worry, we do!

Rapid & Mobile Responsive

Construction Website design

When 88% of people over 11 in the U.S. uses a smartphone, you have to ensure your website leaves a solid impression!

This is construction website design 101. If your website isn’t responsive to different screen sizes (ie: Doesn’t adjust to fit properly), you could be inadvertently dismissing website traffic. 

Construction Website design

Responsiveness is shown in the image on the right with Pedigree Painting's website. You’ll see the menu at the top collapse into a hamburger menu when the browser window is smaller. 

Loading speed also has a huge effect on the bounce rate. This is the number of people who don’t bother to wait for your website to load.

Note: Most users abandon a loading website in 3 seconds or less!

Maintain, Measure, and Improve

Your construction website design should always be improved over time. 

Websites can be maintained and grown through new pages. For instance, what if your customers want a new service from you? Your construction company can purchase new equipment and now you’ll have to feature a new page for Railways. 

You may even want to start a construction blog. This can help you create content which you can market on social media. Not to mention, help you rank higher on search engine results (Google). 

Thankfully you can measure website performance with tools such as Google Search Console and Google Analytics. 

Maintaining a website is a lot of work. A lot of business owners and employees don’t have the time to focus on their construction website design.

This is why we have competitive web packages for construction website design; why don’t you see for yourself?

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