Top Tips from Our Landing Page Designer

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Top Tips from Our Landing Page Designer

It’s always good to make a positive first impression in business. Since only some business is done in person, why not do the same thing with your website for your online customers?

When considering landing page design, remember that most people are wired to remember poor experiences more than good ones. Your business may not have a dedicated landing page designer for your website. That’s why we’ll be sharing some of our top tips from our landing page designer here at Choquer Creative that you can use as a reference point for your company. 

What is a Landing Page?

A webpage that is purpose-built for a specific product, service or marketing campaign is considered a landing page. 

Landing page designers build these pages specifically for conversion purposes. In a marketing campaign, a link is used in a Google ad, QR code, social media or another post to navigate the customer to the company landing page. Technically speaking, any page can be deemed as a “landing page”, but it needs to be designed to convert leads into customers. 

Consider What Your Customers Are Looking For

Strong headers and page copy is fundamental for your landing page design. You may make a landing page that looks good but speaks to nobody without knowing what your company offers. 

Your Offer, Your Target Audience, Your Solutions To Their Problems

Knowing who your audience is and what your unique offer is to them is crucial for an effective landing page. Any landing page designer, copywriter, web developer or website strategist needs to know this critical information. 

Why is this important? Understanding your target audience will help writers create targeted, persuasive copy for those specific customer groups. 

A common issue is when businesses relay features but not solutions to customers. It’s important to communicate why your product features solve a customer's problem. Consider our Choquer Creative homepage. We believe business owners struggle in website design because they cannot rank high enough on Google, they don’t have time anymore to tend to their website, or their websites don’t bring in enough leads.  

Rather than thinking from the business’ point of view, think about what your target audiences expect to see when they open your website. Consider the following questions in landing page design:

  • Right away, what questions does the landing page answer for customers?
  • How do customers know they’ve made it to the correct place?
  • What calls to action (CTAs) and headlines can you include to captivate them?
  • What does your page look like t compared to your competition?
  • How do you prove the value of your products/services to your customers?

Stunning Landing Page Design Elements To Implement

After your foundation with your target audience is determined, let’s discuss some captivating ways to attract your target audience and make your website stand out. 

Landing page designer

Micro & Scrolling Animations

GIFs hero animations are more engaging than a blank background. Micro animations should be small and highlight an area of the landing page related to a call to action.

Landing page designers create unique micro animations to make your business memorable. Consider using wheels and even scrolling animations to make your website unforgettable to customers. 

Scrolling animations are a disruptive UX landing page design concept. They’re remarkable for landing page design because they capture the user’s attention while serving the function of adding more photos, and copywriting while decluttering the website. 

Ensure to explore both vertical and horizontal scrolling animations for landing page design inspiration.  

Illustrations as Hero Images

Artistic illustrations on your landing page are a great way to allow your business to stand out. Usually, these illustrations are smaller file sizes, giving your business an advantage in terms of load speed and even search ranking. 

Fun illustrated characters your audience can relate to are a trend in 2022. You can even integrate an animated character into your call to action, making it more fun and less forceful.

You can also explore our other blog for more advice on optimizing your website images.

Add Videos To Your Landing Page

Video helps showcase your brand story while being interactive and memorable for your customers. 

Video is becoming a more reliable method to increase business revenue. A staggering 86% of marketers say that video helped them generate leads, and over 80% believe videos directly increased sales. 

Ensure to include a brief video on your landing page. A 1-2 minute video is best to get your message across without losing your customer’s interest. Consult with a landing page designer for video ideas such as a featured product, testimonial reel, or a demonstration. It’s best to embed it via Youtube or Vimeo to not slow your page’s loading speed. 

If you need a team to work on your website, including a dedicated landing page designer, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a consultation

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