Understanding The SEO Sales Funnel

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Understanding The SEO Sales Funnel

What is a sales funnel? This is normally one of the questions asked when you have begun to learn about SEO and how to optimize your website. The sales funnel is a method in which customers are funneled through a set of actions to convert them from a prospect into a lead. The funnel is an important tool to increase your website’s organic search. It is also known as the SEO funnel as it incorporates many aspects and tools related to SEO. 

Diving Into The Sales Funnel 

We’d like to introduce you to the sales funnel, a process that intends to guide a prospect into becoming a lead. The sales funnel is broken down into four components:

Top of Funnel - acquiring new visitors 

Middle of Funnel - drive visitors back to the site 

Bottom of Funnel - convert leads to customers 

Retention - customers come back 

The parts of the funnel can also be categorized by: awareness, evaluation, decision and loyalty. Or, email leads, sales calls, in-person meetings, and annual review meetings. The sales funnel can be applied to all business sales but we will be specifically applying it to SaaS companies

A customer enters the SEO sales funnel because they have a problem. Once the person recognizes their problem they enter the solution phase where they are actively seeking a way to fix their problem. This could be using the Google search engine to type in their question. During the product section, the customer has narrowed down how they are going to address this problem, they will begin their research and compare products and this is where your SEO tools come into play.

The SEO sales funnel is not linear, and customers can enter at any stage which is why a robust keyword implementation and SEO strategy is helpful in reaching the said customer. Google is typically the first point of contact for a problem because a Google search is quick and easy. As a SaaS expert, this is your opportunity to bring in a potential lead.

Keywords & The SEO Sales Funnel

Keywords can be implemented to increase the number of visitors going through your sales funnel. Choquer Creative has outlined what kind of keywords fit into each part of the funnel as shown below:

Top of Funnel - cold keywords. You will see keywords that include; how, what, when, and industry reviews. E.g. “How to create an SEO sales funnel”

Middle of Funnel - warm keywords. Services, training, tools, product modifiers, versus. E.g. “SEO classes” or “Webflow vs Wordpress

Bottom of Funnel - hot keywords. Brand name, company reviews, promo code, pricing, buying. E.g. “Nike shoe review” or “buy Nike shoes online


Choquer Creative is here to help you with your sales funnel and optimize keywords to really drive people through the funnel. Understanding SEO keyword research is the first step in the process, so check out our other blog posts that provide easy-to-understand guides and SEO tips. If you don’t want to perform your own keyword research for your SEO sales funnel and find the keywords you can compete for, we have in-house SaaS SEO experts that are experienced in digital marketing that can help you increase your lead growth. 

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