Web Design For Family Lawyers Your Comprehensive How-To Guide

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Web Design For Family Lawyers Your Comprehensive How-To Guide

Astonishingly, 94% of first impressions are related to your website’s design. 

Although we’re taught not to judge a book by its cover, people certainly judge a website by its design. 

At Choquer Creative, we’d like to share an easy-to-follow strategy web design for family lawyers. Below is a list of parameters you’ll want to check for your family law firm's website. 

Check Your Website’s Speed & Loading Time

Did you know that increasing your website speed by a mere second increases conversions by 7%?

Speed is a huge factor in terms of User Experience (UX) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Mobile devices, such as tablets and phones, tend to load websites slower. Optimal websites should load in 3 seconds or less. 

Easy To Read, Skim & Navigate 

Having an easy-to-read website should be a priority when considering web design for family lawyers.

Readable websites use legible font types, font sizes and optimal line spacing. It’s known that some fonts are better than others on websites. Including whitespace to give your visitor's eyes a break is important with web design for family lawyers.

If you’re considering which pages are most important, ensure you check our blog about content for law firm websites for more information.

Mobile Friendly Design

Over half of internet visitor traffic comes from mobile devices. This means any family lawyer website needs to be mobile-friendly as well. 

Stunning websites are a plus but they need to be suited for mobile. Since 2015, Google has made mobile optimization a factor determining website ranking in SEO

Family lawyers need to ensure their websites are accessible as people begin to shift to mobile devices. By not making a website mobile-friendly, you could be making it uninviting to your customers. 

Optimal web design for family lawyers needs to take mobile-friendliness into account. 

Use a High-Quality CMS 

A great CMS will make posting and creating content a lot less tiresome and a way more efficient for your family law practice.

We’ve discussed before why Webflow is an optimal CMS. In summary, Webflow is a code-free CMS that puts design and user experience first. It is highly customizable while having rapid load times and it’s not as complicated to fix and troubleshoot for developers compared to other CMS platforms. 

For these reasons, we’d easily recommend Webflow as a CMS in web design for a family lawyer.

Use Captivating Visuals: Images, Designs & Graphics

Custom, unique designs or images are greater than generic ones. 

Contrary to expectations, custom images don’t require a lot of time or effort to obtain. Some great examples include: 

  • Photography of your family law practice, your office and staff members.
  • Stock images with some interesting text, catchphrases and overlays. 
  • Graphics such as custom charts or infographics to illustrate a concept more clearly.

Optimizing SEO Web Design For Family Lawyers 

Search engine optimization is important for every website in any industry, including family law practice!

SEO is an extensive subject, but smartly investing in SEO will gradually boost your search ranking for your services and your local law practice. 

We’ve talked about the importance of SEO extensively before, as it’s one of our main offerings. 

Some quick SEO tips include improving the following elements: 

  • Website Title and H1 Tags
  • Meta descriptions
  • Alt text & title tags to images for Google to crawl and index
  • Using bulleted lists and numbered lists
  • Compressing images to not slow down your website

Are you still having difficulty with SEO and ranking? It’s alright, we offer web design for family lawyers that include SEO services. Don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional agency if you’re struggling. 

Increasing Conversions: Making A Website That Sells

Let’s face it, you want your website to produce real leads and conversions. But how can this be implemented and tracked?

A key element to generating a website that makes sales is asking for them! 

You’d be surprised how many websites don’t include a visible call to action on their homepage. In a recent study, over 75% of lawyers on the first page on Google had at least 1 call to action button above the fold (at the very top section) on their website. 

Utilizing compelling copywriting is another key aspect of high-performing websites. In fact, around 73% of people admit to skimming content on web pages rather than reading all the information. 

Compelling copywriting paired with strong and consistent calls to action will help any family law website perform at a higher level. 

To track metrics, we recommend tools that are operated by Google to get some of the most accurate information: 

When to Hire a Professional Website Agency

Deciding when to hire a website agency to oversee your law practice entirely depends on your experience with websites and using a CMS properly. 

If you decide to DIY your website you could get it all done for less money upfront. It may be a good project if you have the time to spare working into the night and if you have technical skills. 

However, there are a lot of things - including websites - that should be left up to the experts. Consider hiring an agency if: 

  • You need the time to solely focus on your family law practice. 
  • You do not have the technical skills to build an optimized website.
  • You’ve tried building a website before, but it’s not generating the sales or revenue you’ve hoped for. 
  • You or your law firm have the budget to invest in an elevated website. 

Check our services at Choquer Creative which include professional web design for family lawyers and more.

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