Confused about Semrush Authority Score? A Simple & Helpful Guide on Page Authority

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Confused about Semrush Authority Score? A Simple & Helpful Guide on Page Authority
The Authority Score on SEMrush is a common point of confusion. However, understanding it is crucial for ranking higher in search engine results.

This article will provide a comprehensive breakdown of the Authority Score on SEMrush (in simple language!)

Introduction to SEMrush Page Authority Score

When it comes to digital marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is essential. 

Page authority is a major aspect in determining the success of your website's SEO. Essentially, a high Domain Authority score is like winning in a “ranking contest” compared to other websites.

Now imagine a huge website, like Apple. A large company website should have a very robust link profile. Apple may acquire several high-quality links a day, making it more difficult for other websites to have the same page authority (or to catch up). For this reason, it’s not difficult to see that increasing your Page Authority score from 10-30 is much easier than growing from 60-80. 

The SEMrush Authority Score is one of the most used tools for gauging the credibility of a web page. Nonetheless, many people remain unsure of what it signifies and how it is computed, despite its widespread use. 

“What is my SEMrush Authority Score?” This is a frequently asked question. To what extent does it vary from other measures like Domain Authority (DA)? Can it be the only meterstick for evaluating a page's credibility?

Read on as we dismantle page authority and the SEMrush Authority Score. We'll go down what Authority Score is, how it's determined, and what elements play a role in it. We'll highlight the strengths and weaknesses of SEMrush Authority Score and compare it to measures like Page Authority and Domain Authority. We'll also go over some best practices to follow and tactics to use to increase a page's authority. 

With the knowledge you get from this article, you'll be able to leverage page authority and the SEMrush Authority Score to your advantage when optimizing your website for search engines.

What Does It Mean To Have Page Authority In SEO?

SEO and Semrush page authority score

Page authority in SEO is crucial for ranking higher in search engine results. From a basic standpoint, you can increase your page authority score by link building.

Page authority is measured on a few factors including document relevance, link building and earned media. It is the next pillar of SEO and is what we call, off-page optimization. Broken down, it is the way in which you can prove your page is more popular than others and we will give you a few tools and SEO tips to do that. Authority means different things to different search engines. To some search engines, views, downloads, comments or sales may mean more to them when determining authority than links. 

Page authority in SEMrush is measured with 3 factors: 

  1. Link Power: The quality and quantity of backlinks on your website.
  2. Amount of Organic Traffic: the estimated monthly traffic that finds your website organically (ie: Though search results, not ads). 
  3. Spam Content: Having no (or less) spam content, including suspicious links, results in a higher authority score. 

Pro Tip: These three factors that determine your website’s authority score are weighted differently. This means the best thing you can do is focus on your Link Power first. 

Page Authority Metrics 

Link Building Semrush Page Authority Score

A system called PageRank used to be used to rank search results and create page authority on Google but it no longer exists. However, authority is still extremely important to Google for its growth. It’s mainly determined by links, specifically by links from other sites back to yours. There are a couple of rules that we at Choquer Creative suggest you follow to increase your authority. 

  • The more high-quality links, the better
  • Links from relevant sites > links from irrelevant sites
  • High authority site links > low authority site links 
  • One link from many sites > many links from one site
  • Only include links in your body content, not in the header, footer or sidebar 

You can use a third-party tool to find authority metrics as search engines no longer publish their metrics. Choquer Creative uses SEMrush to analyze page authority metrics because they give us an authority score for the domain, a page authority score and a SEMrush authority ranking. Third-party tools like SEMrush will measure the following to determine a site’s authority:

  • Backlinks - the total number of links to the page
  • Linking root domains - the total number of domains with at least one link to the page
  • Keywords - the total number of unique keywords the page is ranking for 
  • Anchor text - the text used in the links pointing to the page 
  • New & Lost - the links that were recently discovered or lost since the last crawl 

How Do Search Engines Determine Page Authority In SEO?

Your site page will have to be analyzed in order for the search engine to decide where to put it on the search results. A site page will be evaluated based on these three factors: 


A website with more links from reputable sources will be deemed more authoritative. 


A site with links to high-authority sites will do better than a site with lots of low-authority links. Quality over quantity in terms of links


A site with more relevant links will be more popular than a site with high authority but non-relevant links. This makes websites trustworthy and less “spammy”.


Link building and increasing your page authority in SEO can boost the number of organic searches your website has. Page authority is an essential SEO component that affects how well your website performs. 

The SEMrush Authority Score must be understood if you want to raise the position of your website in search engine results. Link building, document relevance, and earned media are all ways to raise page authority scores. You should concentrate on the quantity and quality of backlinks on your website, organic traffic, and spam content if you want to increase page authority. The link authority, the volume of organic traffic, and spam content used to calculate SEMrush Authority Score are all weighted differently. 

Here at Choquer Creative, we can implement link building directly into your website pages and your blog posts with our in-house SaaS SEO experts and Copywriters. As the leading web design agency in Surrey, we offer website packages for small businesses that will help improve your website’s SEO.  

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