Why You Should Care About Your Website Ranking

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Why You Should Care About Your Website Ranking

Every day, non-digital methods of searching and finding information are becoming more outdated. Although we still have newspapers, books and other forms of traditional media, the majority of people reach for their phones or a computer to surf the net, using powerful search engines like Google to find an answer to their questions.

With the increase in traffic, it’s imperative to care about your website ranking on search engines. Your ranking can be found with several tools on the internet such as Google Search Console, Ahrefs, Moz, or Semrush. Here at Choquer, we offer clients a complimentary website audit as well. 

Website Ranking And Search Engine Growth

The Google search engine is used internationally by over 75% of all users on desktops. This proves that billions of people worldwide are using search engines, making businesses reliant on their site’s content quality to rank on Google. 

As expected, the majority of internet users choose sites that appear on the first page of the search engine results pages (or SERPs). These results are generated via specific keywords the user inputs. Note that the chances of users finding your site reduce as you sit further down along the SERPs. 

Website ranking on Google

Website Ranking & Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is essentially the complex inner workings of website ranking. Having solid SEO conveys a better-performing website organically, which means less spending on paid Google or marketing ads. 

Though very simple on the surface, businesses invest thousands of dollars and countless hours into ensuring superior SEO over their competitors. SEO is a long and complex process for medium to long-term business results. Although there’s no silver bullet solution, a multi-faceted approach using the following methods does improve SEO and website ranking over time:

  • Website Content: Ask yourself how useful is your website content to visitors? Having poor web content will negatively affect your website ranking. Texts like website copy and blog posts should be targeted toward users on your site, mentioning certain keywords naturally in the text. 
  • Technical Onsite Optimization: This addresses processes which enable Google’s bots to effectively crawl and index your website. Aspects such as useless code, slow website speed, and a high bounce rate due to poor content changes will hinder your website ranking. 
  • Link Building: Acquiring links for your website via backlinks from other sites and your internal linking helps improve your website ranking on SERPs. Note that the quality of the links is more important than the quantity. Ensure the links relate to the content on your pages for better SEO.

If you’re curious to learn more, we have posted another recent blog regarding five tactics to improve your website’s SEO.

Benefits of Higher Website Ranking

It’s reported that the top 3 websites on SERPs share 61% of the traffic for a particular search query. The first placed website receives a whopping 42% of traffic, the second site 11%, and the third 8%. If your website is on page 7, you’re missing 90% of search traffic compared to being in a top listing. 

If you work in marketing, you know that inbound leads from organic results cost virtually nothing. Top SERP positions will significantly reduce advertising costs for ads such as pay per click. The only caveat is that it’s an upfront investment that won’t see a return immediately. Your small business can compete by having proper keyword research. For example, your website is more likely to rank for mid to long key phrases which are highly specific and targeted, compared to generic keywords like “shoes”, “computers” or “cars”. 

Having a higher website ranking also improves your company’s image and authenticity. Your audience will see your business as authoritative and genuine if it’s in the top 10 search results. This will give your business a psychological edge over your competitors and drive more qualified traffic to your website. 

We Help to Improve Website Ranking

Website ranking and SEO is a precarious and time-consuming endeavour for all business owners to grasp. This is exactly why our team at Choquer Creative offers SEO solutions from design, development and content to improve your website ranking in Google results. 

Does your website need an SEO overhaul? Don’t hesitate to check our packages and reach out to us so we can help your business thrive online.

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