Your Business May Need a Webflow eCommerce Website

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Your Business May Need a Webflow eCommerce Website

Does your business have an eCommerce Website that has the opportunity to grow? It’s no secret that eCommerce has seen a steep rise during and after the pandemic. In the United States alone, sales on eCommerce websites grew by over 50% in 2020. Sales continued to climb in 2021, as they grew by an additional 14.2%. It illustrates that in our modern era, we have a heightened competitive landscape focused on customer convenience. 

If you’ve been reluctant to invest more in your eCommerce website, worried that you won’t get a return on investment, then look no further. We’d like to discuss the significance of an effective, user-focused eCommerce website and how this will allow your company to grow. 

The Importance of an Ecommerce Website Today

There are countless reasons why your business should have an effective eCommerce Website. You might be wondering what benefits are there for you as a business owner. Luckily, we’ve narrowed it down to a shortlist of significant benefits to remember. 

Extending Your Customer Reach

If you own a brick-and-mortar store, you can be limited to that location. With an eCommerce website, that’s never the case. You can put yourself right into the hands of shoppers, whether they’re using a laptop or mobile device. If you own a startup or even a larger corporation, your site can act as a branch to extend into other markets. There are almost always new potential customers. 

Opportunities to Sell 24/7

You can keep the doors of your eCommerce store open since the internet is virtually always up and running. As long as you and your customers have access to data or wifi, they can access your eCommerce website anytime. This could be during the day or the night, and even in an opposing timezone. This is a huge advantage over having just a physical location that’s open for a few hours during the day. An eCommerce website allows your business to make sales while you sleep. 

Run Your Business From Wherever You Want

Do you like the idea of being a laptop entrepreneur or manager? With an eCommerce website, you have the flexibility of running your business pretty much from anywhere. As long as you have reliable internet, you can run your own freelance business or help manage a larger business from home, the office, or anywhere in between. 

If you own physical stores, a hybrid management system can be extremely beneficial. Managers can grow more specialized to work on the eCommerce website or at physical locations. This can give yourself and your workers increased flexibility and efficiency with assigned tasks. 

Building Customer Email Lists 

Have you ever heard the term that it’s less expensive to sell to an existing customer than a new customer? With email lists, this is entirely possible. Selling to customers on a website means you collect contact information, such as their email address, physical address and phone number. With the customer’s consent, you are allowed to send marketing promotions, exclusive discounts and new product announcements via email. This is a remarkably cost-effective method to grow revenue and deliver customer service. 

In a physical marketplace, it’s harder and more expensive to get repeat customers. You don’t always obtain behavioral information as you can online. Email marketing is easily measurable. It’s possible to track how effective your campaigns are based on open and clickthrough rates. It’s also easier to track what products certain customers buy more frequently, allowing you to cater offers to specific customer segments. 

Why Have a Webflow eCommerce Website?

Okay, so you understand why having an eCommerce website is important for your company. It begs the question: why use the Webflow platform?

Fundamentally, Webflow is a company that provides software as a service. They assist with website building and hosting, and focus on responsive web design, visual, and code-free elements to make the process simpler. 

Webflow has tools specifically for eCommerce Websites. Here are a handful of key reasons to consider Webflow for your eCommerce Website:

  • Provides a platform to sell virtual or physical goods
  • Offers streamlined & custom delivery options
  • Various and secure customer payment options
  • Fully customizable cart and checkout system
  • Sophisticated order tracking system
  • Scalable and extendable web platform with app integrations

Migrating & Creating your eCommerce Website is Tricky. At Choquer Creative, We Can Help.

You may feel overwhelmed if you’ve thought about the possibility of doing this yourself. Whether you’re getting your eCommerce business up and running or you have an established but older website, we can guide you towards growth.

Do you want a hands-free process in establishing, upgrading or migrating your eCommerce website to Webflow? At Choquer, we can offer you a thoroughly designed and developed eCommerce website on Webflow with our team of experts. If you’re interested, check out our packages or even contact us today for a complementary site audit. 

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