Package Update: Google Analytics Monthly Report

Complementary Package Update - We are always thinking of ways to contunie to add value to your website package with Choquer.  This is why we are excited to introduce a monthly Google Analytics Report.  Watch the video to learn more. We’re happy to be sending you this report monthly so you can make the best choices for your business.

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Google Data Studio dashboard with Choquer Creative's clients statistics

The Importance of Website Data Tracking

When it comes to your business, be it large or small, it’s important to know your numbers. Web data tracking allows you to understand who your current customers are.  With this data, you can find the demographic of your customer, pages they visit, along with keywords that bring new visitors. The more data you have, the better you are equip to market to them.

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Video conference with website clients

New Offerings from Choquer Creative

At Choquer Creative, we have introduced new product offerings such as blog writing, and email marketing. Most importantly we have worked on ways to add value to your monthly package such as enhancing SEO Title Tags, and Meta Descriptions which we will be emailing to you over the upcoming weeks, along with Tracking Data and Reporting.

Part of your package is our Ongoing Support. Every team member of Choquer is required to take 2 courses a year - when we learn something new that gets implemented complementary into your package.

I am introducing the newest complementary feature focusing on reporting. Having constant access to your data is essential to determine what’s working vs what’s not. We are now sending out monthly analytics reports that will look something similar to this.

This report will be sent on the first day of each month, where you will be able to analyze last months data compared to the previous period. We do this because we love to see the progression that has been made, or trends in the industry some months are always going to be lower than others.

We have kept the report clean and focused only on the elements that help drive new strategies and opportunities. From Total Views to New users, average time on your site, top cites for new marketing opportunities, top pages to lead source, and events to track CTA’s being clicked.

Secondly, we are introducing the Learning Hub to Choquer. This is going to be our resource where we share new strategies, see tips you can implement yourself, news within web development and marketing at a whole. We will also have exclusive pages for our clients such as this one. Each month we will be sending our new Learning Hub Newsletter, so keep an eye out for that as well.

There will be more to come, as our team continues to develop ways elevate your business online.

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