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We will be going through a total of 20 questions to learn more about your project goals, the company vision, and begin strategizing how we will help enhance your online presence.

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1. What does your business offer that is unique in your industry?
2. What makes you different from your closest competitor?
3. What company values would you like incorporated into the blog posts?
4. What is the goal for your blog? (Traffic, leads, informative, how-to, guides etc.)
5. Please list some blog topics you are interested in. 
6. What blog topics are off limits?
7. Are you targeting specific keywords?
8. What are three adjectives you would like to have somebody use to describe your company?
9. What are three adjectives you would hate to have somebody use to describe your company?
10. What are the most commonly asked questions about your product?
11. What are the most common misconceptions about your business that your customers have?
12. Which part of your sales pitch has been most effective in closing prospects?
13. What kind of content do you think your customers will benefit the most from?
14. What does your current customer look like? 
15. What is your ideal future customer?
16. What is the education level of your clients? Do they know anything about your industry?
17. What kind of linguistic style embodies your company? (More casual, fun, excitable, professional and direct, or somewhere in between). Please describe below.
18. Would you prefer 1st, 2nd or 3rd person tense?
19. Do you have any specific corporate/company lingo we should use? For example, are customers referred to as “clients,” “patrons,” “consumers,” “customers,” or does it not matter?
20. Do you have sample blog posts that you like the style of?
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