Flexible Website Plans That Grow With You

Every business is different, that’s why we have created tailored packages designed for the various stages of a company. Each website package includes essential website features to grow you online presence. As your company grows you will have the option to upgrade your pack to benefit from more features and you can always browse our package add-ons.


Everything you need to elevate your online presence



  • 1-10 Page Website Design & Develop
  • 4 Hours Of SEO
  • 2 Update Hours Per Month

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2/4Agreement / Terms & Conditions


This contract is an agreement between Choquer Creative and <span class="planClientName">Client Name</span>, “The Client”. Choquer Creative will provide web development and maintenance to the Client in return for payments as set out in this Agreement.

Ownership & Rights

During the duration of this agreement - Choquer Creative shall retain full ownership and all rights to the website design, including but not limited to any stock images and copy supplied by Choquer Creative. The Client may, however, have the option to regain full rights to the website by meeting the specified buyout price as outlined in this Agreement.

Duration Of Agreement

This agreement between Choquer Creative and The Client shall commence on the date it is signed and shall remain in effect for a period of 24 months.


In the case of subscription cancellation prior to 24 months, Choquer Creative shall retain full ownership and all rights to the website design, including but not limited to any stock images and copy supplied by Choquer Creative. Choquer Creative reserves the right to terminate this Agreement at any time by providing the Client with a written notice of 4 weeks. Upon the completion of 24 months from the date of signing this agreement, the website ownership will be transferred to the Client.

Choquer Creative Guarantee

The Client has the right to end the agreement without any consequences in the event that Choquer Creative falls short of fulfilling their Guarantee. This Guarantee includes the features outlined in the package agreement. Should the website experience downtime for more than 7 business days, or Choquer Creative fails to respond to emails and/or calls within a 7-day period, the Client may choose to terminate the agreement.

Termination Policy

In the event The Client terminates within the first 24 months, The Client shall pay the remaining balance due to Choquer Creative calculated by multiplying the package price by the number of months left on the agreement. Choquer Creative may agree to drop the remaining balance if necessary.

After 24 Months

The Client has 3 options upon completion of 24 months: 

1. The Client must provide Choquer Creative with a written notice 30 days prior to cancelation.

2. The Client can continue on the same plan with the features listed out in the package, keeping their original rate. 

3. The Client can sign up to a new plan, and experience new plan features.   


Price + Tax will be charged each month to the credit card used upon sign up. If the card expires or is declined for any reason, the Client has 30 days to contact Choquer Creative to update their payment method. In the case where the Client’s card is declined for any reason, and the Client has not provided Choquer Creative with an updated payment method within 30 days, the website will be removed from the internet. Before the website can be reinstated, an administration fee of $150.00 must be paid by the Client to Choquer Creative along with any past due monthly subscription fee.


  • Up To 9 Website Pages
  • Choquer Framework
  • Copywriter Provided
  • 1 Hr Update Quarterly
  • Starter SEO Features
  • Zapier Integration

Updates + Changes

As a valued monthly client, The Client is entitled to 1 Hour of complimentary design and development time per quarter, which may be utilized towards various updates or edits, including but not limited to updating the layout, editing text and images, uploading blog posts, adding or removing products, re-designing or adding a single page, and creating e-commerce coupons. For any additional requests, The Client may opt for additional changes at a discounted rate of $150.00 per hour. Please note that these complimentary updates do not roll over from quarter to quarter if unused.

Choice of law

These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of the Province of British Columbia and the parties hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the British Columbia courts.


The estimated launch time is 6-8 weeks from the project's start. A detailed timeline of deliverables will be presented to the client during the first onboarding meeting. If the client requires additional revisions or misses deadlines, the timeline may be extended.

Confidential Information

Confidential information refers to all information or material with commercial value or utility in the Disclosing Party's business. The non-disclosure provisions of this agreement will remain effective even after the agreement's termination.

Time Periods. The nondisclosure provisions of this Agreement shall survive the termination of this Agreement.

Acceptance of terms

By signing this document, the Client agrees to the above prices, specifications and conditions. Choquer Creative is authorized to execute the project as outlines in this agreement. Payment will be made as proposed above. This agreement will take effect upon the receipt of an email by Choquer Creative from the Client, or receipt of a signed Agreement.

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  • 1-10 Page Website Design & Develop
  • 4 Hours Of SEO
  • 2 Update Hours Per Month


5% GST Taxes
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