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Webflow allows Choquer’s website designers to have total design freedom, and with that we create stunning and unforgettable websites.

Design freedom

Webflow lets our web designers unleash their creativity with their fully customizable content management tools.  We are not restricted to templates or themes, often used by platforms like Wordpress. Our web development team has total design control so we can bring your vision to life just the way you want it.

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Unlimited Integrations

Webflow enables third-party app integrations, enabling our team to connect applications to your website and start making your website work for you. With hundreds of integrations to choose from such as Zapier, Google Analytics, and Shopify, the possibilities are endless. Get the most out of your site with Webflows easy to use app integrations and task automations.

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SEO friendly

One of Webflow’s core features is their advanced SEO control. Unlike their competitors, Webflow has all the qualities that search engines love already built-in; super-fast loading pages, responsive web design and clean code. You can customize meta tiles and descriptions, an XML sitemap is automatically generated to help with crawling, and alt tags are added to images to improve your site’s accessibility as well as SEO.

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We are able to make your website fully responsive, meaning your site will automatically adapt to fit different screen sizes without compromising functionality. This allows your audience to access and engage with your website from any device.

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If you're looking for a website review that provides strategic insight and advice, book a complimentary review with us.

We'll walk through your site and look at what’s working, areas that have potential, and outline areas of opportunity between you and your competition.

Everything in this review is focused on answering your questions and providing strategies you can implement for instant results.